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Vrijwilligerswerk in Namibië

Vrijwilligerswerk in Namibië

Plastic Clean Up - Marine Conservation

If you are interested in Marine Conservation and have a week or two available, you could be a part of this fantastic Marine Conservation program. Lead beach cleans, analyse data collected, conduct plastic awareness workshops in the local community, and assist with sea turtle conservation in Thailand.


Amazing things are happening in Cuba right now – it starts in Havana!

Dive Master in the Philippines

If you dream of replacing your 9-5 job with a dive mask and a coral reef, if you want to improve your skills and just become one bad ass diver, or if you’re interested in a career in conservation or marine biology, this opportunity is for you.

MCP life

Join us as a volunteer, learn scientific diving and study marine biology, help us campaign and meet like minded people from all over the world who may end up as your lifelong friends.

Visit to Sunshine Educare, December 2014 - KILROY

In December 2014, three KILROY employees traveled to Cape Town to assist in the further development of Sunshine Educare, a pre-school in a township behind a dump site.

Peru - verblijf in een gastgezin

Bekijk de video om te zien hoe het is in een gastgezin in Peru te verblijven. Het is een perfecte manier de lokale bevolking en cultuur te leren kennen. Lees meer over Peru en boek tours in Peru.